Is the website a self-contained tool?

Benefits of Using 3rd Party Systems to Improve SEO

For many years, websites been a self-contained business tool.

Now the situation has changed. There are many channels of network traffic, and you need to use all the tools together to effectively attract customers.

We believe that for maximum performance, your website should work in conjunction with other tools to better interact with your customers. By creating the right system, the sources reinforce each other (synergy effect).

By third party services, we mean potentially useful web resources that can be indirectly linking to the website.

Consider the options:

Website & Google My Business

Google My Business has tightly integration with Google Maps. The account requires confirmation, that is, it’s trusted. In addition, users can leave comments. This allows you to increase the attractiveness of your site, both for search engines and for potential customers. On the platform, you can post content and links to main resources, photos, videos, as well as publish news. As a tool for communicating with Google customers, My Business is not very convenient. But working with Google Maps is an irreplaceable traffic channel, especially for local businesses. Links and Google My Business integration have a very positive effect on a website's SEO.


Website & social media

This required integration. There are many possible options available, depending on the localization of the business. Let's take Facebook as an example.

You need to have a properly designed and optimized Facebook page. This is one of the factors of trust of search engines to the site. For efficiency, it is necessary to add micro-markup to the site, indicating the relationship of the site with pages on social networks.

Social networks can use as a means of quick contact with customers. Thanks to the eco-system of the social network, the client is not completely impersonal.

Social media often use in remarketing advertising campaigns where customers who visit a website through any other traffic channel will see the website's advertisements directly on Facebook.

Customer testimonials and discussions can embed directly into the website and complement the content.

To varying degrees, all of this applies to almost any social network.


Website & Line (Southeast Asia)

Due to its popularity, Line is very effective when combined with a website. First, it is a means of communicating with customers through the official Line account. We've noticed that over 60% of customers visit Line from the website to place an order or to clarify details.

There are other uses for Line, just like any other social media platform, which is perfect for publishing content and driving traffic to your site. Sending coupons and newsletters to subscribers is also a useful marketing tool.

Thus, using third-party tools in conjunction with your website can yield great SEO results. It is important to understand which tools are appropriate to use and which are not. We have mentioned only the most obvious tools, but reality, there are many more.


Is the website a self-contained tool?

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