What if the website doesn't work for the business?

How to proceed?

As a rule, this happens due to the fact that initially the goals and objectives were set incorrectly. If your site has to sell something, it has to participate in the sales cycle. If the site is for informational purposes, the information should be structured and understandable.
Does this mean that you need to ditch the old site and start over?
So, the company has an old website and no customers come in.

The first thing we do is audit the site. Sounds a little confusing. But it's pretty simple.

What are we doing?

  • First of all, it is necessary to assess the relevance and quality of the site's content. Perhaps it is outdated, or it may be relevant now. From our point of view, any content should be stored on the site. Whether it's archival or useful information. It takes some technical steps to get even an outdated page to show up correctly in search results. This will then increase the position of the updated site in the search results.
  • The second step will assess the technical condition of the site. If the site was created a long time ago, it most likely will not meet the requirements of modern search engines. For example, the site has neither responsive design nor mobile version. This means the site will disappear from search pending re-indexing announced by Google Mobile First. According to Google's new concept, websites are ranked according to their mobile version.
  • The third global challenge is to verify that the website meets the goals set. For example, the first version of the site was a simple business card. Later, sales elements were added such as reviews, call to action, order forms, and so on. The result was a landing page that didn't work as expected. The reason could be that there are many different types of products on this page. During the development of the site, it was not taken into account that the Landing Page is one of the types of websites that is effective when selling a single product or service using advertising. In the described case, after consideration and agreement with clients, we changed the design of the site, making it multi-page. Then we redirected advertising traffic to the relevant pages, which allowed us to offer the buyer exactly the product that interests him. As a result, sales growth was approximately 50%.

From the very beginning of the construction of the website, we consider the possibility of expansion and complication without the need for global changes.
There are many different subtleties here. But trust our experience that you can use any site as a sales tool.

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