Website load speed and SEO

The speed of work is one of the key indicators of the site. The position in the search results and sales figures depend on this. You should control this indicator using special services and take measures to speed up the loading of web pages.

Why check website loading speed?

A fast and easy to use website is a great source of sales. Page speed is a competitive weapon and the foundation of online success. It is important to try to improve this parameter and be sure to control it using available methods.

Competition for buyers

Internet companies and entrepreneurs compete for users - potential customers. Imagine the situation. Your site is beautiful, informative, and user-friendly. You are using all SEO, SMM and contextual advertising. Various internet marketing methods used to stay at the forefront of search results.

You can spend a lot of effort and money developing, publishing content, and promoting your website on the Internet. But the results for some reason do not justify the Jews. And this is simply because the resource is too slow.

Why is speed so important?

Using the Internet, the user is surfing. One person easily navigates from page to page and from site to site. Dozens of clicks, transitions and page views happen in a short period of time.

The user's time almost and always limited. He is always looking for something new in the big internet spaces and wants to do it quickly.

Time is of paramount value to people, especially Internet users.

There is always a choice on the Internet. Search engines provide dozens or hundreds of similar sites for a single query.


70% of users are less likely to make a purchase and are unlikely to return in the future if the download times are longer than expected.

*Data from Unbounce

How speed affects SEO

Website loading speed is a ranking factor. Google announced this back in 2010, and by 2020, the value of the page load indicator has grown significantly.

Performance directly affects SEO, and here's why:

Search engines measure and track load times with a focus on fast sites.

Search engines track people's behavior: the fewer page visits and more often they close immediately, the lower the page rank.

And if direct measurements of speed are of secondary importance, current behavioral factors are fundamental to the construction of search results. Sites with faster loading times will rank higher. And as a result, they will attract more customers.

The site must have a fast loading speed. The page should open as soon as possible. Almost immediately. This requires appropriate solutions related to the technical optimization of the site.

How to speed up your website

Only competent developers should be trust to speed up the site. In the optimization process, it is important to strike a balance between performance, usability, functionality, and content.

Possible solutions include smart server (hosting) selection or replacement, software editing and code reduction, archiving, changing CMS configuration scripts and software updates.

It is important to understand that over time, any site, even the most perfect, will require technical updates, including to speed up work.

One second website loading delay reduces conversions by 7%!


It is necessary to constantly monitor the speed of loading pages.

Work on speeding up the site gives positive results in the form of successful promotion, traffic growth and sales increase. You need to control site speed and improve performance while increasing the quality and attractiveness of your user assets.

When ordering SEO optimization and web development services, pay attention to the loading speed of your developer's site for several pages (main and internal). If the speed is low (in the red zone of Google PageSpeed), then try looking for other providers.

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