What must be a selling site?


It is advisable to consider commercial sites as a convenient and informative tool for business. In addition, using the right methods, the website allows you to successfully communicate your offers, services, and products to the consumer.

When developing websites for sales, we guide by certain requirements.

Ease of site navigation

The data should structure. If the site has a top menu, then through it there should be access to the most important sections of the site. The number of clicks when going to landing pages should be minimal.

Reasonable number of menu items and links

The developer must choose a solution based on the topic and objectives of the website. An overabundance of links leads to confusion and visitor discomfort. This can prevent potential customers from navigating to important pages for the resource owner.

Website loading speed

When developing, you need to pay attention to technical details. Ideally, both the customer and the developer should clearly understand the requirements for graphics and photographs of each site at different screen resolutions. It is necessary to take the differences in the display of pages on mobile and desktop devices, as well as the speed of loading content. The website must be mobile friendly.

About website design

Website design is the face of your business. Approximately 75% of users talk about the power and value of your company based on the look and feel of your website. Moreover, the site quality assessment in just 50 milliseconds! And this first impression of the site will remain with the user as the first impression of your company.

You can provide quality service and great products. But there will be no new clients from outdated sites. A modern website should be clear, clean, and elegant. Stay on top of current trends - your site must be modern

Currently, the main trend in design is simplicity and lightness. The age of colorful gradients and shadows is out of date, and remember, the fewer colors the better. But you need to choose carefully.

Visualization of goals on the site

When evaluating a design, first look at which graphic elements grab attention. Maybe a site title or a button? Are you sure this menu item is the most important place your visitors should go? And only the most important ones stand out from the buttons?

It is imperative to make sure that the most outstanding is what really matters to you. In most cases, the most visible graphic element should be a link to a promotion or an important page. Guide the visitor around your site using styles. Bring him to the purchase!

Don't overuse graphics!

Of course, the site should have graphics. But not too many. There may be exceptions. For example, a portfolio page might contain many photographs. But you shouldn't forget that search engine guides recommend describing every photo with meta alt tags, otherwise a page full of high-quality photos will be useless for them.

Just remember that the site itself does not sell. This is not a self-assembled tablecloth and not a flying carpet. This is a tool that you need to know how to use.

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What must be a selling site?

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