Your site's cardiogram

Do you really think your site is modern, comfortable and fast?
It is possible that we will disappoint you.
There is a chance that Google has a different opinion, and the technical optimization of the site is required.

Without this, nothing will happen!

4 Requirements that need to perform

These requirements are mandatory. Even with useful content, the site will not be visible when searching. And advertising will cost much more expensive.

Site speed according to GPSI

Google uses the speed assessment system and other important performance indicators. These indicators are taken into account when ranking.

Convenience for mobile

Very important quality indicator. Mobile devices consume up to 80% of traffic. Websites without a mobile version are excluded from the search. 

Availability of SSL certificate

Site without security certificate is estimated as low-quality sites. Such websites are disqualified in search results. Visitors are notified of the danger.

Microdata on site pages

 To save resources, a language understandable to robots is used. Microdata are visible only to robots. Sites that has microdata are higher in the ranking. 

Check your site speed on Google PageSpeed Insight.
Click the Check button. A separate tab opens.
Change the address of our site to your site address and spend 3-6 tests.

These are indicators ☝ of our site
Does your website has the same?

If the test results for mobile devices in green or yellow zones, then everything is fine.
Contact Us if in red zone. We will tell how to fix it. Low speed is a problem!

Fill out the form, we will check your site and send proposals for technical optimization (SEO).

As a rule, after eliminating errors and re-indexing the site begins to improve positions.

The exceptions are two options:

  • The site is under sanctions due to serious violations
  • The domain was registered less than one year ago. In this case, after optimization, the time of stay in Quarantine decreases

We do not recommend changing the domain of the site without significant reasons.

The site transfer to the new domain requires experience and care. In addition, the process is significantly stretched over time.

Technical optimization of the site is an important set of measures for the successful functioning and promotion of the site.

Site test order form

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