About profitable ad campaigns

A profitable ad campaign should have at least three key elements.

  1. Application processing (sales department)
  2. Correct site (or page)
  3. Correct advertising (finally but not least)

If you do not add meat to the cutlet, then this is no longer a cutlet. These are bread and onions. So, it is with advertising. Without one of the above elements, you will not see profit. If you've created a great ad campaign and your site is bad, then you're going to lose money. If you have a great ad and website, but a poor sales force, then you will lose money.

All three elements (minimum) are require for a profitable ad campaign. Nobody wants a cutlet without meat. A conditional example and we do not take vegetarians into account.

The most important part of an ad campaign is the sales team, not the website or ad specialist. It is the sales team that converts ad traffic into profit. In fact, it's not difficult to win over your target audience. This is a technical question. Convincing your audience to buy from you is much more difficult. So, make sure you have people who can sell it smartly before running your ad.

Don't assume you have the perfect website and the perfect ad campaign. After launch, all this will have to be change several times to find the most suitable option. It is impossible to predict the preferences of future customers.

After the first two steps are ready, you can say, “Welcome!”, Open the door and get traffic to your site. And only from this moment it is possible to solve optimization problems, find the best options and analyze their effectiveness.

Start by assessing the quality of your sales team!

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