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Speed ​​up your website has become a necessity.
Google officially recognizes the use of load speed metrics when ranking sites. The load speed estimate is based on data obtained by simulating site load using the Lighthouse tool. You can estimate the site loading speed on the page at

Services to reduce website load time include:

1. Reduction of html code (if possible)

2. Image optimization (the ability to compress up to 80%)

3. Shrinking CSS

4. JS shorthand

5. Setting up web page caching and connecting to CDN (if possible)

6. Reducing the number of queries to the database (when using CMS)

Average work results:

1. Mobile version from 45 to 85 by Google Speed

2. Desktop version from 70 to 95 points by Google Speed

Work is being done on the home page. Website acceleration indirectly also affects the internal pages of the website. Work with some important internal pages are subject to additional charges.

Getting maximum results for the new Google Lighthouse tool is much more difficult. When creating a new website, we consider speed as one of the important SEO parameters. Ready sites are less amenable to optimization, especially mobile versions. It is quite difficult to bring the mobile version into the green zone. But getting out of the red zone is an important improvement factor in improving page quality.

Hosting quality is important. If the hosting of your site does not meet modern requirements, then you, as a client, may be offered our hosting (only if there are sufficient grounds).

  • Access to the hosting control panel
  • Accessing the website control panel
  • Domain management access (optional)
  • FTP access (optional)

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