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Questions about site updates will be relevant if:

    • The existing site is outdated and needs to be updated in design and content.

Many sites don't update regularly, so website often lose their potential visitors. With a modern design and easy navigation, the resources make it easy for users to find the information they need and make a good impression. A site with a good history has advantages in ranking. But this site must meet the requirements of search engines.

    • The site needs new features.

For example, the company has grown from a business card site and is completely ready to move to the level of an online store. Or there is a need to add new sections and functions that will improve the usability of the site.

    • The need to 'detach' from competitors

In a competitive environment, you must constantly move forward. Creating a new website (or significantly improving an existing one) will help integrate new advertising channels and tools into business processes that competitors do not yet have.

We recommend migrating your old site to WordPress CMS.

Our experience has shown that this solution allows you to build a flexible modern business system.
We can carry out the transfer, keeping the position of the site in the search engines.
If your site receives consistent traffic, then visitor habits can be very important. We do not use standard website templates and will be able to keep familiar design elements and their layout.
The new version of the site will have a high loading speed, optimized and have more opportunities for integration and updates.

We carry out the transfer of sites from platforms (constructors) Wix, Tilda and any CMS.

The cost of the service directly depends on the volume and technical condition of the old site. Before starting the renovation, a plan with a list of works will be drawn up and agreed upon.

For example, an old site might have a large number of indexed but unoptimized images. Images should be optimized and saved under the existing address.

То же самое и с адресом страницы. Одним из решений является использование редиректа 301.

The same is with the page address. One solution is to use a 301 redirect.

The transition to the new version is seamless. If necessary, you can save the old version with links to an identical page.
As a rule, we offer affordable hosting with or without services on our site. This allows you to maximize the loading speed of the new site.

SSL and mobile (responsive) certificates are enabled by default.

May require access to existing hosting and domain control panel.

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