How we optimize client websites

The importance of website technical analysis

We always start with this first step

You can create great website designs and hire copywriters to create interesting and exclusive content. You can even buy many links from other sites, or a few very good ones. But your efforts can be thwart by technical optimization errors that lower your site's rankings or generate negative user reviews. For example, slow website loading, or incorrect layout in a something browser.

Hosting and search engines

First, we check the speed of the site. If the speed is low, you need to look for the cause. For example, poor hosting quality could be the cause. Also, we are researching the site - it is possible that it is hopelessly outdated.

In this case, we propose to translate the site to CMS Word Press and place it on our server. The combination of our technical optimization solutions will help you maximize your website loading speed. Speed ​​is a very important (but not the only) factor in the ranking of sites by search engines.

Site history and update

For sites with a long history, it is important to maintain positions in search results. But eventually the moment comes when renewal is need. When moving, it is important to keep all indexed URLs of the pages. To do this, you need to draw up a special table. The same table allows you to properly regroup pages and, if necessary, change the structure of internal links.

We do not recommend buying a new domain when updating your site, unless the search engines have applied sanctions to the old one.

Micro-markup and site adaptability

When developing new or updating old sites, micro-markup must be introducing. This is very important for successful interaction with search engine robots. Micro-markup must be test on Google services.

We pay special attention to the mobile version of the site. This is because of the massive increase in mobile web traffic and Google's decision to move to a new website ranking model based on the quality priorities of a mobile website. Responsiveness, that is, correct display on different devices, is a necessary quality of a website.

This is just a summary of our website optimization techniques. The entire list consists of over 100 SEO tasks.

If you are using social media, offline sales, or a website that launched 10 years ago, then it is unlikely that this is enough for you. Remember, with a quality website, you will get more leads. At the end of the day, you can stay ahead of your competitors and give your company's customers a positive experience with thoughtful functionality and design.

A modern optimized website is a guarantee of stable work and profitability of the company in any situation. Trust me, your customers are already online and ready to interact online. They will gladly buy your products or services, but only if they find information about you on the Internet.

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How we optimize client websites

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