How do you change the name of the official Line account?


The official confirmed account in Line is an effective business tool in Southeast Asia.

However, it is quite difficult to understand the settings.
Sometimes there is a need to change the name of the official account. To do this, contact the support service.
We describe the application process in the Line Business Manager interface for official accounts.

Please note that we are not talking about a private account, but about the official one.

If you pose an analogy with Facebook, then this is a personal and business page, respectively.

So, first is necessary from the computer (!) to go to the business manager Line on this URL

Next, log in with your personal account. It must be pre-associated with the official account.

If you yourself registered the official account, you can already manage it. Otherwise, ask the administrator to add you to the account.
All actions with the account are better to perform on behalf of the person who registered the official account.

Where to find the application form?

After the entrance you need to get into the section Account settings.

Our task is to change Account name (1).

Line use 2 types of IDs. Basic ID type @568ghjhr and Premium ID @your_company_name.
The Basic ID is assigned automatically and is basic, and Premium ID is an add-in over the basic. You choose it yourself. The cost of Premium ID is about $ 10 per year.
Change Premium ID is possible only at the end of the paid life.

Find the Help button in the upper right corner of the screen -> FAQ / CONTACT US and go to the next page.

Preparation of the application

You will see such a text:
Please contact us via the query form if you have any problems with your official LINE account. Be sure to fill in all the necessary fields and explain in detail the problem.
If you use a proven account or submitted an application for verification, send the following information:
• Your application number (search in a response letter for registration request)
Applicant's name (from the same letter)
Your email (from the same letter)

- Your application number is listed in the header of the e-mail that you received when they submitted an application for checking for checking an account or received the results of the inspection.

- Please enter the same applicant's name and email address as when applying for consideration.

These data will be needed when filling out the query form.

Go to the request form (6) by link

Filling out the application

You must fill out the selected fields.

In the Note field, specify:

• Your application number
• Applicant name
• Your email
Describe the essence of the question. For example, you want to change the name of the account due to rebranding.
In the response letter you will receive a list of additional information that will need to be provided.
After a certain number of letters, you will be reported that the information is checked.
If the changes did not happen in 10 days, you can send a request for fate of the request. 🤣
However, most likely, this will not be necessary.
If you need help in organizing work with Line Messenger, then feel free to contact us!

How do you change the name of the official Line account?

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