About Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website traffic analysis service from the Google search engine that provides detailed information about all visitors, showing information about the region, operating system, service provider, traffic sources and other important parameters.

Principle of operation

The owner's website loading Java Script code from Google that automatically tracks all clicks. The system will begin to record actions and movements as soon as a visitor enters any page of the resource, while both direct transitions and visits from search engines, social networks, advertising services and other resources.

All data sent to Google's servers, where processed and combined into a single database. After a few seconds, they appear in the information panel, where you can apply various filters and widgets to view information.

Google analytics capabilities

Collecting statistics on Google gives site owners a ton of options. Let's focus on the main points:

How to install and configure the service

A Google account use to work with the service. Register as a new user or log in with your username at https://www.google.com/analytics/

For popular CMS, there are special plugins that allow you to install the code in just a few clicks using your user ID.

Traffic estimation parameters

Traffic estimation in Google Analytics is based on a large amount of data that the system collects about users. Divide the data into 4 blocks.

These are just a few of the parameters that Google uses to measure website traffic and provide information to webmasters. In general, all data and every visitor's action are record so that the website owner can analyze the attractiveness of his resources to users.

What can you learn from the report?

The statistics collected using Google analytics tools help you understand layout errors in the layout of elements, text, and more. Using reports, you can search for errors and bad solutions on your site.

Social media activity. Analysis of the site's interaction with social networks. You will receive complete statistics on the transitions from the posted materials in social networks to the site.

Site visibility. Checking and improving

SEO is a set of measures to promote Internet projects and attract more customers. But optimization will not bring the desired results if you cannot measure the effect of the action and evaluate its effectiveness.

There are a few of metrics that can help you gauge the quality of your SEO work. Let's talk about one of them.

Site visibility. Concept and meaning

The name of the indicator indicates that it is directly related to the site's visibility by search engine users. That is, visibility is the number of possible site impressions for a specific thematic query.

Various SEO techniques aim precisely at maximizing this visibility. The higher the number, the better. The goal is to achieve the dominance of the resource in the TOP-3 search results by the maximum number of requests. These sites view and visit more often.

An analysis of the site's visibility shows how effective the measures and means used for the development of web resources are.

How to check website visibility online

Manual calculations will be quite long and tedious. Therefore, we recommend using a special service for calculating Serpstat and SeRanking, which allow you to quickly and easily get information for analysis.

Let's consider an example of a multifunctional service Serpstat. With its help, you will get a lot of useful SEO data and clarify a many of analytical parameters.

You need to log into the service and enter the domain name. In addition to the other statistics, under the Summary Report, you will find the Visibility parameter. Serpstat selects at least 20 keywords that the site has in the search results. The calculations also use query frequency and click-through rates. In other words, the service uses algorithms to calculate the visibility of the site and operates based only its own database.

How to improve your site's visibility on search engines

We are looking for a way to determine the real visibility of the resource, and not get "naked" numbers. The task of the calculation is to find weaknesses in optimization for the previous period in comparison with competitors. Obtain information proving SEO effectiveness and take corrective action if something goes wrong. Consider ways to improve the visibility of your site and help it take the lead.

All SEO optimization techniques aim to improve search engine rankings based on existing ranking algorithms. On the other hand, the ability of search engines to respond to improvements has a positive effect on the visibility of website traffic and therefore on visibility scores.


A comprehensive high-quality SEO audit will help identify weaknesses and adjust make the resource more attractive to search engines. The result will be an improvement in all indicators, including site visibility in search engines.

Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Display Network Overview

The Google Display Network (GDN) is Google's contextual and display advertising system. Advertisement shown on partner sites as well as on Google services (YouTube, Gmail, etc.). The system will automatically select sites that match the subject of the ad in addition, other factors are considering when submitting a proposal. For example, campaign setup (advertisers can exclude certain resources) and audience settings.

Google Display Benefits